Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Footprints - Temples in Kelantan part 2

Tumpat is a small district in Kelantan and yet it has many wats and temples scattered all over the places. The one which is famous are reclining and sitting Buddha which I shared previously. Besides these two major temples there are two more with their own standing Buddha statues.

First temple is Wat Mai Suwankhiri. It has a standing Buddha built on top of the main building which still looked very new. Somehow this standing Buddha cannot be compare with the one in Wat Phothivihan.
Wat Mai Suwankhiri is located in Kampung Bukit Tanah, Tumpat. This is the entrance of the temple. New visitors really must aware of the small road with sharp turn before enter the temple.

 Actually this temple is also known as Dragon Boat Temple which is the main attraction of the temple. Take a look at the photo below and you can see what it mean by 'Dragon Boat'.
 This is the back view of the Dragon Boat.

The main head of the 'Dragon Boat' accompany by another twin dragon surrounded the boat until the back. Not forgetting replica of two crocodiles at the side of the boat.

Actually the Dragon Boat is a bit dull because the colors already lost its shine. It will be such a waste if nothing has been done to bring back the boat back to its colorful structure.

From Wat Mai Suwankhiri we head to another temple which is located in Kampung Terbak. Actually this two temple is not far from each other.

This temple has a big compound which mean very good for parking. Somehow there is nothing much to see here except the 3 standing Buddha with difference sizes.
The biggest and the smallest standing Buddha amongst the three statues.

As you can see from the photo below, Wat Pikulthong basically is about the three Buddha statues with similar standing position. If you notices the hand gestures of this standing Buddha is different with the one in Wat Phothikyan, Kampung Balai. This hand gesture with the hand raised and palm facing outward represent fearlessness in facing any troubles.

After visited Wat Pikulthong I can understand why it is not as famous as the others which I had posted. This temple looked old, dull, not well maintained and nothing much to see or do except for praying, of course. 

Last but not least, Kelantan is not a state where people used to comment as 'nothing to see'. Of course you can't expect a casino or theme park like in Genting Highlands. One must understand Kelantan is still an Islamic state. But for those who like a religious visit then it is definitely won't let you down.


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