Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kolam Making - A Colourful Experience

On 30th November is another 'borong' day for me and my 'aunty pasar' sisters. I received 'the call' to become their driver at 2.30 pm. So when the time come, I picked them up and head to Econsave for the 'borong' mission.

When we stepped in Econsave's entrance, there were so many Indians scattered here and there. Rupa-rupanya Econsave was hosting a kolam making competition. The floor was divided into squares of 5 ft x 5 ft for the kolam making. I estimated there were about 50 squares but not all are occupied with contestants.

Here are the big kolam specially made for Econsave. It's the first thing you see when you walk in the entrance.

It's about 3 pm when we reached Econsave. The competition started at 2 pm. Most of the contestants already sketched the design and started to decorate their kolam. So we went in the wet market section to start 'borong' whatever cheap or needed.

 We spend at least 2 hours inside Econsave. After paid for our stuff, the competition still going on. Some already finished it and some still rushing to finish up on time. Here are some of the photos.

Being a Malaysian, a country with different races, I never really get to know other races custom and traditions. I've seen before this kind of artwork and automatically the mind will connect it with Indians. But what is these called? Why need to make it? Full of questions. Never really go and find the answers.

What is Kolam?
Kolam is a form of art that is drawn on a flat surface           ( floor, cardboard ) Usually drawn at the entrance of house/premises in the morning. Generally practice by women.

What materials can be use?
Coloured rice or grinded rice flour, ground marble/quartz, saw dust, chalks, sands, spices, leaves and flowers.

Types of Kolam.
Various kind of motives and designs. All depends on the creativity and imagination of the person who make the kolam.

The purpose?
To bring happiness, prosperity in material and spiritual to the residents by inviting Goddess Lakshmi ( means Good Luck to  Hindus ) by sweeping away all the evil spirits.

All the above is just a brief information to serve my curiosity about kolam. I am sure to make a kolam is not an easy job. One must uses their skills, full of focus, concentration and patience to complete the kolam. Salute to all the kolam's makers!

Back to my story, we didn't stay back for the competition's result. Then my elder sister asked a question, " How come I didn't see any of the kolam making?". Mak oii... she thought the kolam competition is about making those kolam air for fishes to swim lohh....lol.. After we explained then only her doubts was clarified.

After my colorful experience with kolam making competition in Econsave, I have one question that is who won the first prize? Can angkut the first prize LCD 46 inch tv back home, not bad what!

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