Wednesday, November 3, 2010

House Construction 2

10 Oct 2010  or   10.10.10

I believe many peoples will take the once in a lifetime chance on this special date to do something special.
Congratulation for those who tied their knots and also not forgetting the new 'moms' who gave birth to their child on this date.

For me and hubby, we didn't do something special. Hubby is not the kind of person who know how to be romantic to plan any sweet occasions for this so called 'unique' date. What to do .. 'sigh'....already married to him.

In the evening, hubby ride his bike and we went to take a look at our house's construction. It takes us less than 10 minutes to reach there. Very near only.

There was some changes of the gate since our last visit dated on 12 Sept 2010. Also the TNB lamp post already installed.

Then we take a walk around the house.

                                    Left and right side way of the house. Full of unwanted grass.

Backyard of the house.
We plucked some of the wild kangkung that grows on neighbour's ground and plant it in our backyard. At least on this special date 101010 we have something that can be remember. Let's see whether the kangkung can grow or not in our next visit.

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