Tuesday, November 2, 2010

House Construction

These are photos of house construction since the day hubby bought it back in year 2008. From time to time hubby will go to the site just to monitor the progressions.
24 Sept 2008
Here is the house's frame .

6 Oct 2008
In the process of constructing the brick wall.

13 Oct 2008
Roof structuring.

28 Oct 2008
Already got the roof tiles.

30 Jan 2009

The wall has been cemented.

1st May 2009

Not much changes except the compound are much 'cleaner' now.

29 June 2009

In the early stage to build the brick fence.

21 Sept 2009

Brick fence halfway completed. Started to cement the garage and house's drain.

29 June 2010

After 8 months.....many changes inside and outside the house.

12 Sept 2010

Sliding door installed.
Hubby's bike get the 'feel' to park at the garage.

 Wonder what will come next ?

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