Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Footprints - Kellie's Castle

Kellie's Castle is one of the tourist spot in Perak. It is located in Kinta district, along the road that leads to Batu Gajah, about 30 minutes drive from Ipoh. 

Initially my hubby and I did not plan for a trip to the castle. We were in Ipoh with no special purpose and the idea just pop up from hubby's mind. Indeed it was a good idea and we go ahead with it. Actually we don't really know where the castle was located. Depending on sign board by the road side, we find our way. We don't know whether we were on the right track until I saw a special building perched up amongst the sea of rubber plantation. Indeed it was Kellie's Castle and finally we reached the place.

It was a bright and sunny Sunday. No wonder there were quite a number of cars and also a few buses carrying visitors for a short trip at the castle.

Initially I thought this place will be some sort of haunted and eerie looking building but I was wrong. Built on a small hill surrounded by a river, the castle was a very nice place to reside if only the construction was completed. 

Just a brief description of the castle, it got its name from William Kellie Smith, a wealthy Scottish planter who build the castle for his wife and also his kids. The construction started in 1915 and was delayed due to some tragedies that struck the workers. Somehow in the end the castle was never meant to be completed since Sir William himself passed away in 1926.
As you can see from the photo, visitors need to go across the river by a bridge to get access to the castle.

For some people, Kellie's Castle is just an abandoned old building and what is so special about that? Somehow I believe those who knows how to appreciate architecture will find that this castle is amazing. Use only bricks and tiles imported from India, the castle has plenty rooms, living halls, worship place, kitchen, wine cellar and a six storey tower with a rooftop courtyard. Even there is an elevator believe it was first in Malaya and also a few of secret underground tunnels.

Below are some of the ruins which is still visible until today.

Visitors can get a nice view of the surrounding from the castle's rooftop.

Besides the castle, there is another thing which draws visitor's attraction. Take a look at this special tree.

Interesting to see a tree that can grows until it resemble 'a bear hugging a tree'.

There is one thing which bothers me. As you can see above where I put an arrow, I find it is rather dangerous for the rooftop don't have any gates. If anyone not careful enough, they might be slipped away and ended as a tragedy.

I am very much aware that many people associates Kellie's castle with some haunted ghostly story and unexplained mysteries. As long as you go in a broad day light with big group of peoples and don't do monkey business inside the castle, try to make a short trip to the castle and experience it yourself!

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