Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hubby New Toy

Besides 101010, this 20102010  is another unique date.
Again, I believe many people will do something on this day so that it will be a special date for memories.

Previously on 101010 hubby didn't plan anything special to do on that day. But for this 20102010, me and hubby head over to Penang. Where to?

Hike Enterprise is one of the shop that located along Penang Road. Well, this shop is specialized in..........

Yesss...... cameras !
The idea to get a good camera suddenly pop up in our mind about 2 days ago. We were interested in DSLR for it's quality photo shooting. But both of us knows nothing about DSLR. So within the 2 days, we were some sort like having our 'crash course' to learn all about DSLR through internet.

From the 'crash course' hubby planned to get Canon EOS 500 D Kit II. But where to buy? After some survey, it seems that these two shops which is Hike Enterprise or CnS has the most recommendations from customers. We don't know which one to choose. Most likely will be Hike Enterprise and if the owner of the shop LCLY then only we switch to other shop.

There was a young lady in the shop who serve us and it turn out to be the tauke's sister. Her service was quite good. After dealing for about one and half hour, hubby put aside his original plan to get EOS 500D. Instead he goes for this model.

So for us, the date 20102010 is the day where hubby bought his new toy!                  Canon EOS 60D Kit II .

It will be a very long process to learn how to use this type of camera. Hope we can master it asap :)

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